• Company Overview

    Core Value

    Quality, Customer, Innovation, Teamwork

    Vigene Biosciences, Inc was founded by senior scientists from viral research and gene therapy fields, bringing with them extensive experience with AAV, Adenoviral and lentiviral production and research consultancy. Vigene's current, and growing, research and production facility is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable scientists coming from the National Institutes of Health, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins as well as various biotech/pharma companies.

    Leading in viral vector based gene delivery

    Vigene Biosciences is a leader in viral vector based gene delivery for both life science research, gene therapy and cell therapy purposes. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, Vigene offers AAV, lentivirus and adenovirus based products and custom services. Both research grade and cGMP grade AAV, lentiviral and adenoviral vectors are available. The products include ready-to-ship genome wide human cDNA ORF on adenoviral vectors; AAV shRNA, ready-to-use genome wide human cDNA ORF on lentiviral vectors and pre-made control GFP viruses.


    We strive to be the leading supplier of gene delivery technologies to advance biomedical research and to improve human health.