• AAV Biosensors - GCaMP Calcium indicators

    Vigene offers GCaMP3, GCaMP5 and GCaMP6 products come ready-to-use, with a choice of promoter with or without Cre inducible (FLEx-ON) expression. AAV8 and AAV9 serotypes of AAV-GCaMP6 are ready to ship. Should you require a different serotype, please contact us.

    GCaMP: Next-generation genetically encoded calcium indicators

    ● GCaMP is a genetically encoded calcium indicator (GECI) generated from a fusion of the green fluorescent protein (GFP), calmodulin, and M13, a peptide sequence from myosin light chain kinase. Upon binding of GECI to Ca2+ there is an induction of a change in fluorescence signal. This signal change allows measurement of action potentials, and other receptor activation events, that trigger Ca2+ fluxes.

    ● Applications include neuroscience research using in vitro or in vivo models; long-term functional imaging of neuronal activity including correlation with animal behavior; screening for G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) or ion channel agonists and antagonists.

    GCaMP Biosensors

    Biosensors are provided as 100 µl volume, titer at 1013GC/ml

    NamePromoterProduct NameAAVCat #Price
    jGCaMP7bSynpGP-AAV-Syn-jGCaMP7b-WPREAAV9BS12-NOBAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-Syn-flex-jGCaMP7b-WPREAAV9BS12-NXBAAV9 $499
    jGCaMP7cSynpGP-AAV-Syn-jGCaMP7c-WPREAAV9BS12-NOCAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-Syn-flex-jGCaMP7c-WPREAAV9BS12-NXCAAV9 $499
    jGCaMP7fSynpGP-AAV-Syn-jGCaMP7f-WPREAAV9BS12-NOFAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-Syn-flex-jGCaMP7f-WPREAAV9BS12-NXFAAV9 $499
    jGCaMP7sSynpGP-AAV-Syn-jGCaMP7s-WPREAAV9BS12-NOSAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-Syn-flex-jGCaMP7s-WPREAAV9BS12-NXSAAV9 $499
    GCaMP6sSynpGP-AAV-syn-GCaMP6s-WPRE.4.641AAV8BS1-NOSAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS1-NOSAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-syn-flex-GCaMP6s-WPRE.24.641AAV8BS1-NXSAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS1-NXSAAV9 $499
     CAGpGP-AAV-CAG-flex-GCaMP6s-WPRE.25.641AAV8BS1-CXSAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS1-CXSAAV9 $499
    GCaMP6mSynpGP-AAV-syn-GCaMP6m-WPRE.4.629AAV8BS2-NOMAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS2-NOMAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-syn-flex-GCaMP6m-WPRE.24.629AAV8BS2-NXMAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS2-NXMAAV9 $499
     CAGpGP-AAV-CAG-flex-GCaMP6m-WPRE.25.629AAV8BS2-CXMAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS2-CXMAAV9 $499
    GCaMP6fSynpGP-AAV-syn-GCaMP6f-WPRE.4.693AAV8BS3-NOFAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS3-NOFAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-syn-flex-GCaMP6f-WPRE.24.693AAV8BS3-NXFAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS3-NXFAAV9 $499
     CAGpGP-AAV-CAG-flex-GCaMP6f-WPRE.25.693AAV8BS3-CXFAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS3-CXFAAV9 $499
       AAV9BS4-CX3AAV9 $499
    GCaMP5G pRSET.GCaMP5G(7.35)AAV8BS5-PXAAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS5-PXAAAV9 $499

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    Key advantage of GCaMP

    ● Genetically specified for Ready for use studies in vivo.
    ● GCaMP6 are the 6th generation of GCaMP, offering improved engineering for increased signal-to-noise ratio and much faster kinetics, when compared to previous versions, specifically, GCaMP3 and GCaMP5G.
    ● GCaMP3 is the 3rd generation of GCaMP and reliably detects three or more action potentials in short bursts in several systems in vivo.


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