• AAV Biosensors - jRGECO1 Calcium indicator

    Vigene's jRGECO1 products come ready-to-use, with a choice of promoter and the ability to include the Cre inducible (FLEx-ON) expression. We have packaged jRGECO1 into the most commonly used AAV serotypes (AAV8 and AAV9). Should you require a different serotype, please contact us.

    jRCGECO1: Improved Red Protein Indicators for In Vivo Calcium Imaging

    ● jRGECO1 is a genetically encoded calcium indicator (GECI), generated from a fusion of the mApple-based (green) fluorescent protein (FP), calmodulin, and M13, a peptide sequence from myosin light chain kinase. Upon the binding of GECI to Ca2+ there is an induction of a change in fluorescence signal. It is this change in signal which allows for measuring the action potentials, and other receptor activation events, that trigger Ca2+ fluxes.

    ● Red GECIs suitable for deep tissue imaging, dual-color imaging, and parallel use with lightsensitive ion channel (ChR2).

    ● Sensitivity similar to GFP-based GCaMP6.

    jRGECO1 Calcium Biosensors

    Which is better jRGECO1a or jRGECO1b?

    jRGECO1a and jRGECO1b are very similar, Janelia scientists recommend using jRGECO1a in general. jRGECO1a data are found throughout Dana et al's characterization paper: link. jRGECO1b data specifically are found here in Dana et al's paper: Figure 7-figure supplement 1 and Supplementary file 2

    Biosensors are provided as 100 µl volume, titer at 1013GC/ml

    NamePromoterProduct NameAAVCat #Price
    jRGECO1aSyn pGP-AAV-syn-NES-jRGECO1a-WPRE.111.1670AAV8BS8-NOAAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS8-NOAAAV9 $499
     Syn pGP-AAV-syn-flex-NES-jRGECO1a-WPRE.115.1670AAV8BS8-NXAAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS8-NXAAAV9 $499
     CAG pGP-AAV-CAG-flex-NES-jRGECO1a-WPRE.116.1670AAV8BS8-CXAAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS8-CXAAAV9 $499
    jRGECO1bSyn pGP-AAV-syn-NES-jRGECO1b-WPRE.111.1721AAV8BS9-NOBAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS9-NOBAAV9 $499
     Syn pGP-AAV-syn-flex-NES-jRGECO1b-WPRE.115.1721AAV8BS9-NXBAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS9-NXBAAV9 $499
     CAG pGP-AAV-CAG-flex-NES-jRGECO1b-WPRE.116.1721AAV8BS9-CXBAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS9-CXBAAV9 $499

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    Key advantage of jRGECO1

    ● Increased red fluorescence sensitivity, comparable to GCaMP6.

    ● Best performer for tracking sensitive stimuli; has advantages in response speed.

    ● Facilitate deep-tissue imaging, dual-color imaging together with GFP-based reporters, and the use of optogenetics in combination with calcium imaging.


    1. Dana H, Mohar B, Sun Y, et al. Sensitive red protein calcium indicators for imaging neural activity. Hausser M, ed. eLife. 2016;5:e12727. doi:10.7554/eLife.12727.