• AAV Biosensors - RCaMP Calcium indicator

    Vigene's RCaMP products come ready-to-use, with a choice of promoter with or without Cre inducible (FLEx-ON) expression. AAV8 and AAV9 serotypes of AAV-GCaMP1 are ready to ship. Should you require a different serotype, please contact us.

    RCaMP: Genetically Encoded Calcium Indicators for Multicolor Imaging and 'Read/Write' Optogenetics

    ● RCaMP is a genetically encoded calcium indicator (GECI) which was generated from a fusion of the red fluorescent protein (RFP), calmodulin, and M13, a peptide sequence from myosin light chain kinase.
    Upon the binding of GECI to Ca2+ there is an induction of a change in fluorescence signal. It is this change in signal which allows for measuring the action potentials, and other receptor activation events, that trigger Ca2+ fluxes.

    ● Suitable for simultaneously monitoring activity in two distinct classes of cells.

    ● Applications include use in multicolor functional imaging for drug screening, imaging of cellular activity in cells and organisms already expressing GFP, or imaging with less autofluorescence than green GECIs and dyes.

    RCaMP AAV Biosensors

    Biosensors are provided as 100 µl volume, titer at 1013GC/ml

    NamePromoterProduct NameAAVCat #Price
    jRCaMP1aSynpGP-AAV-syn-NES-jRCaMP1a-WPRE.211.1488AAV8BS6-NOAAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS6-NOAAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-syn-flex-NES-jRCaMP1a-WPRE.215.1488AAV8BS6-NXAAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS6-NXAAAV9 $499
     CAGpGP-AAV-CAG-flex-NES-jRCaMP1a-WPRE.216.1488AAV8BS6-CXAAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS6-CXAAAV9 $499
    jRCaMP1bSynpGP-AAV-syn-NES-jRCaMP1b-WPRE.211.1519AAV8BS7-NOBAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS7-NOBAAV9 $499
     SynpGP-AAV-syn-flex-NES-jRCaMP1b-WPRE.215.1519AAV8BS7-NXBAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS7-NXBAAV9 $499
     CAGpGP-AAV-CAG-flex-NES-jRCaMP1b-WPRE.216.1519AAV8BS7-CXBAAV8 $499
       AAV9BS7-CXBAAV9 $499

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    Key advantage of RCaMP6

    ● Provides new color channels for single-wavelength functional imaging.

    ● Minimal bleed through into green channel, unlike other biosensors.

    ● Compatible with optogenetic activation/silencing via tools such as channelrhodopsin-2, facilitating “read/write” optogenetics.

    ● T unable affinity under control of various promoters.

    ● Detection using standard optical and nano technologies.


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