• AAV shRNA Constructs

    Adeno-associated viruses (AAV) provides an efficient way for delivering shRNA plasmids in vivo for gene knockdown/knockout experiments. AAV shRNA achieved much higher knockdown efficiency in vivo thanks to AAV's ability to delivery genes into 100% of the cell population. Upon delivery and expression, the resulting shRNA is rapidly converted into the desired RNAi, either leading to degradation of mRNA (perfect complementarity) or the inhibition of mRNA translation (imperfect complementarity).Learn more about AAV in our FAQ section.

    Search our extensive range of Ready-to-package shRNA constructs. In addition to the 'Ready-to-package shRNA constructs', Vigene provides customized services for the designing of constructs based on either existing Genebank gene sequences, or customer provided shRNA sequence. Related custom shRNA services include:

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    shRNA Technical Specifications

    ● Competitive pricing $595.

    ● Delivery in 1-2 weeks.

    ● 5 plasmids per set (4 AAV shRNA constructs + 1 scrambled RNA construct as negative control); 5 µg DNA/construct.


    Ready to Package AAV shRNA constructs

    AAV shRNA Vector: pAV-U6-GFP


    shRNA AAV Construct Key Features

    ● Convenient- Ready-to-package AAV viral particles.

    ● Effective gene knockdown : under U6 promoter, shRNA is expressed in nearly 100% transduced cells. 4 shRNA designs. At least one of the four plasmids is guaranteed to knock down the expression of the targeted gene by >70%.

    ● Efficient delivery: after viral particle packaging, shRNA AAV can be used for hard-to-transfect cell lines and in vivo studies.

    How does 4in1 shRNA work?

    ● Four shRNAs are designed targeting.

    ● different regions of one ORF.

    ● shRNAs are driven under U6 promoter.

    ● GFP is expressed in tandem as a control.

    ● Negative scrambled control is included.

    ● Use directly on cells via transfection or AAV packaged.

    Four shRNAs are designed targeting different regions of one ORF; the sequences for each shRNA are provided with your order. Vigene guarantees that at least one of the four pre-designed shRNA plasmids is guaranteed to knock down the expression of the targeted gene. Ofcourse, upon receipt of these ready-to-package constructs, you can either use the plasmids directly on cells via transfection or use the construct in the 3-plasmid system for AAV viral particle packaging.

    shRNA packaged into AAV viral particles

    If you would like to have shRNA packaged into AAV viral particles, we waive the maxi-plasmid prep service fee normally associated. Learn more.

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