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    Vigene's proprietary cloning technology provides high quality cDNA clones. Vigene clones are available for next-day delivery (in most cases).

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    Using pioneered cloning technology and unique vector designs

    With Vigene's proprietary cloning technology and unique vector design- pEnter Entry Vector System, our expression-ready ORFs can be shuttled into more than 30 destination vectors in a simple cut-and-paste approach in just 2-3 hours.

    Our pEnter Entry Vector System contains C-terminal His-Flag, making it ideal for detection and purification of over-expressed protein, cloning very toxic genes, without the need for special E.Coli strains.

    Largest genome wide human ORF collection

    ● Over 17,000 Human cDNA ORFs

    ● Felixible shuttling

    ● Competitive pricing

    ● Sequence-verified, with guaranteed expression

    ● Ready to be shuttled into more than 30 destination vectors, including adenoviral & lentiviral vectors

    ● Ideal for virus production & viral gene expression

    ● Contains puromycin gene for stable cell transfection

    ● Unique design to accommodate cDNA up to 30 kb

    ● CMV promoter and a Kozak consensus sequence drive protein expression effectively

    Download ORF Expression System Manual

    cDNA Clone Options, shuttling systems and controls

    Lentivirus clones Adenoviral clones
    Mammalian expression/ORF Shuttling Control virus options
    Promoter options Human miRNA Clone

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