• Adenoviral particles of Full-length Human cDNA

    With Vigene's innovative technology, we have cloned each of the human full-length ORFs into the adenovirus backbone, eliminating the challenge of inserting foreign DNA into the 35kb adenovirus genome.

    Vigene features 15,000 adenoviral ORF cDNA clones, high-quality and high-titer. Save your research efforts in preparing your own virus, and receive ready-to-transfect lentiviral particles.

    Adnoviral cDNA ORFs

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    Quality Virus Packaging Service Guarantees

    ● Competitive pricing, varies by gene

    ● Next Day delivery available

    ● 15,000 adenoviral ORF cDNA clones readily available

    ● Fully sequence-verified by NextGen Sequencing

    ● Adenovirus production ready

    ● Ready to transduce mammalian cells; no additional reagents needed

    ● Nearly 100% transduction rate at appropriate MOI

    ● Production with robust quality control in accordance with NIH Biosafety criteria

    Adenoviral Technical Specifications

    ● pAD Vector (serotype 5) contains E1/E3 deletion to eliminate self-replication.

    ● Easy amplification as regular plasmids in E. Coli. C-terminal Flag-His tag for easy monitoring.

    ● Contains Kanamycin selectable marker. Unique vector designs accommodate large inserts (up to 10.3kb).

    Largest premade adenovirus collection of human cDNA clones

    Offering over 150,000 premade adenoviruses: Full length human cDNA (1 gene/adenovirus). Available in two sizes: 100 µl of 10E10 vp/ml and 500 µl 10E10 vp/ml. View the pAD vector (serotype 5) map.

    Adenovirus and Recombinant Adenovirus

    Wild-type adenovirus, which includes human adenovirus type 5, is associated with various mild disorders, most notably mild to severe respiratory disease in humans.

    Adenovirus offers:

    ● large packaging capacity (>8 kb)

    ● high titers

    ● high levels of transgene expression

    Adenovirus is perfect for targeting a wide range of dividing and non-dividing cell types, with almost 100% efficiency.

    Adenoviruses do not integrate into the host genome.

    Some disadvantages: transient transgene expression, as well as the viral capsid induced immune response.

    The entire wild-type adenovirus genome is linear, double-stranded DNA of approximately 36Kb. To ensure replication deficiency, the E1 gene (involved in adenoviral replication) is deleted allowing for safe use as a gene delivery tool.

    Want to know more about adenovirus, see our section on Transfection with Adenovirus: Adenovirus Advantages or download Vigene's ORF Expression System Manual

    Adenoviral cDNA ORFs

    Adenoviral cDNA ORFs are human full-length cDNA ORFs cloned into the pAD Vector. Once you receive your adenovirus, you can mix with cells at MOI of 100 vp/cell. Cells are ready for functional study in 2 days. Contain the Kanamycin selectable marker.

    Offering two sizes:
    (1) 100 µl of 1010 vp/ml, overnight delivery, enough for 4x10cm cell culture plates (assuming 5 million cells/plate at 100 MOI), and;
    (2) 500 µl 1010vp/ml, delivery in 5 days, enough for 20x10cm cell culture plates (assuming 5 million cells/plate at 100 MOI)

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