• Pre-packaged AAV Controls

    We offer an extensive collection of over 2,800 ready-to-ship AAV controls with a variety of promoter, reporter, and serotype options to best fit your needs.

    Promoter and Reporter Options

    selection of promoters and markers


    Please browse our AAV Controls Catalog for a full list of our premade AAV products. Don't see the control you need? We also do custom orders! Please let us know your project details in the form below and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

    Vector Maps

    All of our controls are fully verified and the sequences and vector maps for each product are available upon request.

    vector backbone of AAV and AAV-DIO vectors

    Product Specifications

    Volume: 100µL each

    Titer: 1x1013 GC/mL

    Price: $525*

    Storage Buffer: PBS with 0.001% Pluronic F-68.

    Custom orders: Custom items will be delivered in 2-3 weeks depending on the project

    *We also offer select AAV controls with CMV promoter and eGFP reporter for $349 (50µL, 1x1013 GC/mL) and $495 (100µL, 1x1013 GC/mL)

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