• Promoters

    Tissue-specific promoters are promoters that have specific activity in only certain cell types. They control gene expression in a tissue-dependent manner. Vigene offers a selection of tissue-specific promoters to complement our customers viral vector needs. If you don't see the promoter your interested in using, please contact us

    Tissue-specific promoters

    A list of the most commonly used tissue-specific promoters.

    PM10001 ALB 2.4kb Liver specific 10 timer stronger than CMV after 10 weeks
    PM10002 GFAP104 845bp Hybrid of EF1a and GFAP
    PM10003 CAG 944bp Strong promoter, ubiquitous expression in vivo
    PM10004 CamKIIa 1.2kb Specific expression in excitatory neurons in the neocortex and hippocampus
    PM10005 EF1A 1.2kb Ubiquitous, weaker than CMV but better for in vivo
    PM10006 CK1.3 1.1kb
    PM10007 CK0.4 217bp Calcium/Calmodulin-dependent kinase II alpha
    PM10008 GFAP 2.0kb Specific in astrocyte
    PM10009 MBP 1.3kb Myelin basic protein promoter, efficient transduction of oligodendrocytes by adeno-associated virus type 8 vectors
    PM10010 EFFS 253bp A short version EF1A
    PM10011 TBG 460bp Homo sapiens serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A
    PM10012 aMHC 0.4kb Mouse myosin heavy chain alpha promoter
    PM10013 cTNT 702bp Specifically transduce cardiomyocytes
    PM10014 Synapsin 471bp Specific in neuron
    PM10015 Mecp2 230bp Truncated Mcep2 neuron specific
    PM10016 c-fos 1.7kb Activity-dependent promoter
    PM10017 MCK 1.35kb Muscle creatine kinase promoter/enhancer
    PM10018 UBC 1.1kb Ubiquitous, weaker than CMV but better for in vivo
    PM10019 PGK 400bp Ubiquitous, weaker than CMV but better for in vivo
    PM10020 Somatostat 1.2kb Restricting expression to GABAergic neuron
    PM10021 Rpe65 700bp Retinal Pigment epithelium-specific expression in vivo and in vitro
    PM10022 Insulin1 1.0kb Specific in beta- cells of the pancreas
    PM10023 3Xenhancer McK 728bp Much stronger than CMV in muscle, inactive in nonmuscle cell lines and mouse liver
    PM10024 NSE 1.3kb Neuron-specific enolase promoter

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