• Zika Virus: Membrane glycoprotein M


    Membrane glycoprotein M of Zika virus, packaged and ready to ship as plasmid, Adeno or AAV9. Please contact us if you would like packaging in another AAV serotype.

    Zika Virus ORF products: membrane glycoprotein precursor

    Product Description Catalog #Volume, Titer Price
    membrane glycoprotein M of Zika virus in plasmid format ZV-M-p4 µg/plasmid $249.00
    membrane glycoprotein M of Zika virus in adenovirus format ZV-M-AD100 µl, 1X1010 VP/ml $499.00
    of Zika virus in AAV9 ZV-M-AAV9100 µl, 1X1013 GC/ml $499.00

    Product and Sequence Information

    Zika virus: strain MR766
    Sequence Data: Download the CDS sequence or Protein sequence
    ORF Vector: pAV-FH with Amp resistance. Download sequence file here
    Restriction Sites: AsiSI M1uI cloning scheme for this ORF
    Protein length: 75aa
    Viral Packaging: For more information on these refer to the following sections - Adenovirus and AAV

    These sequence files are provided in a text document (file extension .txt) in FASTA format.