• Zika Virus: Nonstructural protein NS4B


    Nonstructural protein NS4B of Zika virus, packaged and ready to ship as plasmid, Adeno or AAV9. Please contact us if you would like packaging in another AAV serotype

    Zika Virus ORF products: membrane glycoprotein precursor

    Non-structural protein 4B: Inhibits interferon (IFN)-induced host STAT1 phosphorylation and nuclear translocation, thereby preventing the establishment of cellular antiviral state by blocking the IFN-alpha/beta pathway. By similarity as inferred by UniProtKB:P17763 (POLG_DEN1W)

    Product DescriptionCatalog #Volume, Titer Price
    nonstructural protein NS4B of Zika virus in plasmid formatZV-NS4B-p4 ug/plamid $249.00
    nonstructural protein NS4B of Zika virus in adenovirus format ZV-NS4B-AD100 ul, 1X1010 VP/ml $499.00
    nonstructural protein NS4B of Zika virus in AAV9 ZV-NS4B-AAV9100 ul, 1X1013 GC/ml $499.00

    Product and Sequence Information

    Zika virus: strain MR766
    Sequence Data: Download the CDS sequence or Protein sequence
    ORF Vector: pAV-FH with Amp resistance. Download sequence file here
    Restriction Sites: AsiSI M1uI cloning scheme for this ORF
    Protein length: 251aa
    Viral Packaging: For more information on these refer to the following sections - Adenovirus and AAV