• Adenoviral Transduction System

    Vigene Biosciences are the adenovirus experts in the industry. Vigene offers a wide range of adenoviral cloning and packaging services: ranging from small crude scale to the custom large purified scale. Vigene Biosciences has developed the most robust and professional AAV packaging service, ranging from small crude scale to the custom large purified scale.

    Vigene's Adenoviral system guarantees the expression of your gene of interests (GOI): maximum adenovirus production with timely delivery.

    ● Delivery of your primary Adenovirus stock within in 2-4 weeks.

    ● Adenovirus packaging, including amplification, is ready 4-5 weeks.

    ● Offering High viral yield options with competitive pricing.

    ● All our products are sequence-verified, with guaranteed GOI expression.

    Custom Adenovirus Production Services

    Adenoviral cloning

    Adenovirus packaging options

    Extensive collection of premade adenoviruses

    Adenovirus and Recombinant Adenovirus

    Wild-type adenovirus, which includes human adenovirus type 5, is associated with various mild disorders, most notably mild to severe respiratory disease in humans.

    Common use: with a large packaging capacity (>8 kb), high titers, and high levels of transgene expression adenovirus is perfect for targeting a wide range of dividing and non-dividing cell types, with almost 100% efficiency. Another important fact is that adenoviruses do not integrate into the host genome. Some disadvantages do exist including transient transgene expression, as well as the viral capsid induced immune response.

    The entire wild-type adenovirus genome is linear, double-stranded DNA of approximately 36Kb. To ensure replication deficiency, the E1 gene (involved in adenoviral replication) is deleted allowing for safe use as a gene delivery tool.

    Want to know more about adenovirus, see our section on Transfection with Adenovirus: Adenovirus Advantages

    Custom Adenovirus Cloning

    Vigene Biosciences has pioneered the pEnter Entry Vector. The pEnter entry vector is compatible with a variety of destinations vectors, including adenoviral, lentiviral, AAV and shRNA vectors. See section on ORF Shuttling Vectors for more details. You may also Download pENTER sequence.

    Adenovirus Construction, Generation and Amplification Options

    In addition to providing small and large scale packaging options, we offer full subcloning and plasmid prep services prior to viral particle production.

    Vigene provides Adenoviral services for the entire adenovirus construction process. These processes include:
    ● Cloning your gene of interest or shRNA into the Adenoviral genome;
    ● Producing the primary, low-titer virus stock;
    ● Amplifying the adenovirus according to your research needs: small-to-large scale;
    ● Titering (measuring VP/ml).

    Adenovirus Option



    Small Scale
    Amplification and Purification

    500µl of Adenovirus at 1x10E10vp/ml
    This service is the preferred option for our customers who need recombinant adenovirus for in vitro studies only; perfect for initial testing in cells. This option offers a low cost amplification solution.

    $545 see note

    Large Scale
    Amplification and Purification

    500µl of Adenovirus > 10E12-13 vp/ml
    This service meets the needs of our customers who want to use recombinant adenovirus for in vivo studies, or require really high-titered purified viruses.

    $1,398 see note

    Adenovirus Amplification and Purification

    Additional costs may be included for cloning/subcloning and/or primary stock generation. Please contact us to explore your options and request a quote.

    Adenoviral amplification and purifiction is a labor intensive process. Initial steps include molecular construction of the Adenovirus vector and subsequent generation of the Adenovirus.

    Premade Adenovirus

    Adenoviral cDNA clones

    Control Viruses
       ▪ Fluorescent proteins: GFP, RFP
       ▪ Cre recombinase
       ▪ Tissue-specific promoters

    Mammalian Expression Vectors
       ▪ Shuttling Vectors
       ▪ shRNA Vectors

       ▪ 14 ZKV ORFs as plasmid DNA, AAV, adenovirus
       ▪ Complete ORF Set or single gene

    Additional Viral Resources

    Ordering Instructions: Shipping and payment information
    Product Manuals: How to use your virus
    FAQs : Answers to commonly asked AAV questions
    Publications: showcasing Vigene products and services
    Recipient instructions: information on viral safety and storage


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    Standard Adenovirus Production and Packaging

    * Standard packaging turn around time is 2-4 weeks for customer supplied vectors; if titer is not optimal the packaging time will be longer due to repeat protocols. Vigene recommends customers check their gene expression and any other desired vector functionality using transfection of cells the virus is to be utilized in prior to submitting plasmids for packaging.