• Lentiviral Cloning and Production Services

    Lentiviral-viral mediated gene delivery has become one of the most popular gene delivery tools on par with Adenovirus & AAV virus. It has the advantage to be used for either transient or stable expression, and they can infect both replicative and quiescent cells. Vigene provides a complete service from gene cloning into lentiviral vector to lentivirus production. Taking advantage of one of the largest collections of human full-length cDNA clones in the industry, high titer lentivirus can be generated in 2-3 weeks.

    Lentiviral Services Offered

    Small Scale Crude lentiviral Packaging Service
    Large Scale custom lentiviral Packaging Service
    Control GFP Lentivirus and premade ORF Lentivirus
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    Key Advantages

    ► All 17,000 Entry clones can be shuttled into lentiviral vectors in 2-3 days
    ► All 1,273 human miRNA clones can be shuttled into the lenti vector for transient or stable expression
    ► Multiple destination lentiviral vectors are available with different N-terminal and C-terminal fluorescent
    or affinity tags
    ► Multiple shRNA lentiviral vectors are available for RNAi studies
    ► Flexibility: Low or high titer lentiviruses can be provided upon request
    ► Stringent QC with gene-specific primers and titer titration with Real-time PCR
    ► Clone any DNA of your interest to one of our lentiviral vectors for virus production


    Lentiviral Vectors


    • Cat.#
    • Vector
    • Selection
    • Promoter
    • Tag
    • Tag Position
    • Price
    P100020 pLent-Flag-His Ampicillin CMV Flag-His ORF
    P100021 pLent-GFP-CMV Ampicillin CMV Myc-Flag ORF
    P100022 pLent-Puro-CMC Ampicillin CMV Myc-Flag ORF
    P100023 pLent-C-GFP Ampicillin CMV GFP ORF
    P100024 pLent-C-RFP Ampicillin CMV RFP ORF
    P100025 pLent-N-GFP Ampicillin CMV GFP ORF
    P100026 pLent-N-RFP Ampicillin CMV RFP ORF
    P100027 pLent-N-Flag Ampicillin CMV Flag ORF
    P100028 pLent-N-Myc Ampicillin CMV Myc ORF
    P100029 pLent-N-HA Ampicillin CMV HA ORF

    Vigene provides a full suite of designing, cloning, packaging and generating transduction-ready recombinant lentiviral particles. Service also includes preparation, extraction, purification and titration.

    We provide the most customizable service; our scientists will work with you step-by-step and learn about your research goal to design and manufacture the most ideal lentiviral particles for you.

    For more information or any questions, please contact us.