• Lentiviral Packaging Service

    Vigene Biosciences offers high titer lentivirus production service. Accelerate your discoveries, let Vigene provide you the viral tools you need. Let Vigene do the packaging of you lentiviral preparations. Receive ready-to-transduce, high titer and high purity lentivirus in as little as 2 weeks.

    Key Advantages

    ● High Titer: 1E9 IFU/mL for large scale packaging option
    ● Ready-to-transduce lentivirus in 2-3 weeks.
    ● Virus titers are measured by qPCR
    ● Ready-to-package lentiviral ORFs
    ● Custom cloning for any other gene expression, with different promoters, shRNA, TALEN and CRISPR.


    Lentivirus packaging options

    Packaging Option



    Small Scale Packaging

    100µl at 2x10E8 IFU/ml
    Lentivirus will be produced from 107 Hek293 cells. After sucrose gradient centrifugation, this small scale lentivirus production service will provide enough virus for in vitro cell based assays.


    Large Scale Packaging

    200µl at 1x10E9 IFU/ml
    Lentivirus will be produced from 108 Hek293 cells. After sucrose gradient centrifugation and concentration, this large scale lentivirus production will generate enough virus
    for in vivo animal studies and stem cell applications.



    Please Note: The titer of lentivirus is very sensitive to the size of viral genome. Offered titer is based on that the viral genome, insert between two LTRs, is less than 5.1kb. And the gene of interest is less than 1.5kb. Every kb increases of the viral genome, the titer will be decreased by 10 times.

    Lentivirus Production

    Lentiviruses are produced by transient transfection of HEK293 cells and purified and concentrated by sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation. This purification method is better in reserving infection ability of lentivirus than conventional Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Precipitation method. The high titer lentivirus suits all your needs for in vitro cell based assay or in vivo animal studies.

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    Publications: showcasing Vigene products and services
    Recipient instructions: information on viral safety and storage

    Vigene's purification and concentration method can dramatically increase the viral concentration and infectivity by 1000 times

    lenti_packaging_service_Q-PCR_1 lenti_packaging_service_Q-PCR_2

    Based on Q-PCR, the titer of purified and concentrated GFP lentivirus is 2.5x1010 viral particles/ml, which is almost 1000 times higher than then virus in collected medium before purification.

    Count of GFP positive cells 2 days after transduction in HEK293 cells. Cells were transducted by this GFP lentivirus, the Infection Units of this GFP virus is 4.6x109 IU/ml, while it is 2.3x106 IU/ml before purification and concentration.

    Vigene's purified and concentrated lentivirus can greatly improve your research.


    HEK293 cells were transducted with same volume (1µl viral stock to 2ml culture medium ) of concentrated lentivirus and of virus before purification. Images were taken 48 hr after transduction. The purified and concentrated lentivirus could dramatically increase the intensity GFP expression and number of GFP positive cells.

    Knock down of endogenous gene expression by high titer purified shRNA lentivirus in cultured cortical neurons

    1. shRNA lentivirus knock down of endogenous gene X expression


    Cultured cortical neurons were transducted by lentivirus expression shRNA targeting GeneX or control shRNA. 96 hrs after transduction, cortical neurons were collected and analyzed by western blot with anti-Gene X antibody. Shown by the western gel, GeneX can be almost completely knock down by lentivirus expressed shRAN against Gene X.

    2. shRNA lentivirus knock down nuclei endogenous gene X expression

    Endogenous Gene X is expressed in the nuclei of cortical neuron. 14 days after the cortical neurons were transducted by lentivirus expressed shRNA, which have GFP as a marker. The cells were fixed and immune-stained with anti-GeneX antibody, shown in red, upper right panel. The nuclei of neurons were stained by DAPI, upper left panel. The shRNA expression neurons were labeled by GFP, lower left panel. Data showed Gene X expression could be completely knock down in GFP positive neurons as marked by the arrows, upper right panel and lower right panel.