• Mutagenesis Service

    Vigene can introduce any single or multiple deletions, insertions, or mutations into a gene of your interest. Site-directed mutagenesis facilitates life science research by creating specific DNA mutations such as point mutations, deletions , as well as insertion mutations. These enable gene regulatory studies of elements, DNA-protein interactions, protein structure and function analysis, examination of enzyme active sites, and studies of novel proteins.

    ● Select one of the clones from our cDNA clone collection, or
    ● Send us your own clone(s)

    Mutageneis Key Features

    ● A single mutation starts from $195.

    ● Discounts for multiple mutations.

    ● Turn-around time usually 1-2 weeks, depending on template length.

    ● Fully sequenced.

    ● Your clone can be subcloned into any of our vectors, including adenoviral and lentiviral vectors.

    ● Delivery 5µg DNA or glycerol stock, as requested.

    Quotations and Ordering

    Customer Support Toll Free 1-800-485-5808 or custsupport@vigenebio.com