• Plasmid Cloning Services

    Vigene offers a broad range of custom plasmid cloning services at a reasonable cost and speedy delivery. Our highly experienced scientists are ready to tackle any of your difficult cloning projects, including unstable clones, very large clones, toxic clones, and clones with high GC content and highly repetitive sequences.Simply send your sequence or clone, and we will do the work for you.

    Key Advantages

    ● More than 15 destination vectors available (view table)

    ● Choice of different C- & N-terminal affinity tags

    ● Choice of GFP & RFP fluorescent tags

    ● Subclone to our adenoviral or lentiviral vectors.

    ● Clone any DNA sequences or our full-length ORF into your own vectors.

    ● Subclone the ORF from our Entry clone to any of our destination vectors with different fluorescent or affinity tags at either N-terminal or C-terminal.

    ● Subclone to our adenoviral or lentiviral vectors All clones will be fully sequenced to match your specifications.

    ● Upon request, chose between 5-10µg DNA or glycerol stock.


    Vector selection

    If you have a vector in mind but do not see it listed, please request a quote.


    • Cat.#
    • Vector
    • Selection
    • Promoter
    • Tag
    • Tag Position
    • Price
    P100001 pENTER Kanamycin CMV Flag, His C-terminal
    P100002 pDEST-C-GFP Ampicillin CMV GFP C-terminal
    P100003 pDEST-C-RFP Ampicillin CMV RFP C-terminal
    P100004 pDEST-C-HA Ampicillin CMV HA C-terminal
    P100005 pDEST-C-3XFlag Ampicillin CMV 3XFlag C-terminal
    P100006 pDEST-C-Myc Ampicillin CMV Myc C-terminal
    P100008 pDEST-N-His Ampicillin CMV His N-terminal
    P100009 pDEST-N-Flag Ampicillin CMV Flag N-terminal
    P100011 pDEST-N-HA Ampicillin CMV HA N-terminal
    P100012 pDEST-N-GFP Ampicillin CMV GFP N-terminal
    P100013 pDEST-N-RFP Ampicillin CMV RFP N-terminal
    P100014 pDEST-EF1a Ampicillin EF1a Flag, His C-terminal
    P100015 pDEST-PGK Ampicillin PGK Flag, His C-terminal
    P100010 pDEST-N-Myc Ampicillin CMV Myc N-terminal