• Custom TAL Effector Nucleases (TALEN)

    TALENs (Transcription Activator-like Effector Nucleases), a promising new class of designer nucleases, can be designed to bind DNA sequences of interest and to introduce dsDNA breaks.

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    TALEN Advantages

    ● Highly customizable: target any gene in any cell

    ● Site/sequence-specific genome editing

    ● Multiple applications: knock-out, knock-in, mutagenesis, gene tagging

    ● TALEN was named "Method of the Year 2011" by Nature Methods

    ● Most competitive price & Fastest Delivery in the industry - $395/construct for Plasmid Clones

    TALENs are suitable for genome engineering both in vitro and in vivo. Research has shown commonly used viral vectors including adenoviruses (AdV), lentiviruses (LV) and adenoassociated viruses (AAV) are effective gene transfer vehicles.

    TALEN has revolutionized the array of genome editing based on its ability to create a site-specific double-stranded DNA break. The break is then subsequently repaired by cellular machinery, through either homology-dependent repairs or non-homologous end joining (NHEJ), creating a deletion mutation or a knock-in site for introducing site-specific DNA sequences of interest. Through this mechanism, TALENs can be programmed to delivery virtually any enzyme to any site and execute gene-editing functions, including gene knockout, knock-in, mutagenesis, gene tagging, and for disease and therapeutics models.

    TALEN schematic representation

    Custom TALEN Service Key Features

    ● Complete collection of repeat tetramers for assembling 16-20 repeat units directly

    ● One step ligation and transformation for 16-20 repeats

    ● Both clones are fully sequenced & 5-10 ug DNA will be delivered

    ● A pair of TALEN plasmids can be constructed in 48 hours upon ordering

    ● Adenoviral mediated gene delivery options available

    ● Functional validation in HEK293T Cells available ($400/per validation)

    TALEN Services


    • Cat.#
    • Description
    • Delivery
    • Price
    C100001 TALEN 18 or 22 nt plasmid clones, 2 clones delivered as 5 ug DNA 1 WEEK $799
    C100002 TALEN 18 or 22 nt in adenoviral vector, 2 clones delivered as 5 ug DNA 2 WEEKS $1,195
    C100003 TALEN 18 or 22 nt, packaged adenovirus, 2 viruses delivered as 1x108 viral particles/ml 4-5 WEEKS $1,395